Song of the Wild Swan


Mæg ic be me sylfum
soðgied wrecan
The Seafarer, date unknown

I can make a true song
about me myself
(Approximate translation of the old English)

Song, established in 2013 is an imprint of a new publication house, a division of Song of the Wild Swan Ltd. It publishes any writings from anyone who has a song. It is also a participant to the BEL (Barter Exchange Levy) Price System.

We welcome all passionate and artistic individuals who have something they want to be part of the world, here at Song of the Wild Swan we aim to help you make that happen. If we are as inspired by your work as you were when you created it, Song of the Wild Swan wants to give you a platform on which to publish your work under the Song of the Wild Swan brand.

As a company Song of the Wild Swan Ltd is based in Oxford, England whose goal is the assisting of art and artists. It is run loosely by a consortium of creative people.


If you have a song please get in touch here.