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And then the Children can see it

a docu-drama on John Nedevsia Muafangejo

Antomat Diplony of the Orb – an epic comedy – Part II of the trilogy La Terre Humaine

The Argonauto Vineyard – a tragic comedy – Part III of the trilogy La Terre Humaine

(Ndilapa Nkosi – a lyrical comedy – being part I of La Terre Humaine)

Le Bordel Philosophique;

A musical composition involving five composers based on Les Dem, a poem based on Les Demoiselles D’Avignon of Picasso

The Dogs of Charity

(An account of being caught up in the 2005 South East Asia Tsunami – orde was asleep in a beach diving bungalow when the tsunami struck)

Daniel Henry Kahnweiler – A Complete Bibliography of his writings.

Daniel Henry Kahnweiler – The Complete writings

The Love Song of D. Adolph Hitler

A poem

The Marsh Land

A poem

Miscellanous Poems

[On John Piper]

Aphorism and Delights – a selection of thoughts, ideas and writings of John Piper

Pro Deo

The Rilato Dialogues

A Dialogue on The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare

The Sapient Litigator

A novel based on the legal fight against central governments – its coming and goings and its attempt to destroy the Whiz Cleancatch Invention

Shylock the Magnificiant 

A play

Spring cantata 

A film

A Survivant de Warsovie

A poem

Der Todt des Miguels

A poem


A love story.

Two conversations with Solly

Based on two interviews

The Weather of Myself

A  tractatus novel