In Progress

  1. The Complete Writings of Daniel Henry Kahnweiler, 800,000 word multi-volume work.
  2. The Life, Work and Writings of Daniel Henry Kahnweiler – a critical evaluation
  3. The Weather of Myself. A philosophical treatise.
  4. Antomat Diplony of the Orb – an epic comedy, 2nd part of The Soul’s Heritage, a trilogy 
  5. The Argonauta Vineyard – a tragic comedy, 3rd part of The Soul’s Heritage, a trilogy.
  6. Miscellaneous poems Part I 
  7. The Love song of D. Adolph Hitler, a poem
  8. Der Tod Des Miguel, a poem
  9. The Rialto Dialogues. Described as a ground breaking interpretation on Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and a revolutionary style of work. The Rialto Dialogues Introduce four new characters to a complete uncut text of the play and open a meaning and channel for a new understanding to one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays
  10. Shylock the Magnificent, A play set 13 years after the Trial scene of the Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare.
  11. Le Bordel Philosophique – musical composition  with five contemporary composers (Proposed: George Barton, Sam Fernando, Cheryl Francis-Hoad, Simon Roth, Jaime Wolfson. A composition based on a poem, which is based on a painting to reach a sort of musical gesamtkunstwerk
  12. Daniel Henry Kahnweiler: A Complete Bibliography. Completed awaiting a publisher.
  13. Adolph Jentsch – Landscapes – including an essay ‘Jentsch – A Cézanne in Africa’
  14. The End of Hope. An Ennealogy, Parts, I (The Third Temple); II (Its Cold Boys and I Am Numb), and III (In The Cauldron) completed 
  15. The Judgment of Shylock – A film script  of The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare 
  16.  And then the Children can see it – a docu-drama script on John Nedevsia Muafangejo