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Asking the Tough Questions – Horasis Global Meeting 2022


Where are we at? Where are we going? The world’s economic and geo-political framework has been increasingly characterized by uncertainties. The COVID-19 pandemic and now the Ukraine invasion have heightened those uncertainties in a big way. How and to where ought we to navigate past new COVID variants, and beyond the Russian sanctions? What are the choke-points, and how might we redefine them as opportunities to reestablish confidence?

  • Orde Levinson, Artist and Writer, Magdalen College, Oxford University, United Kingdom
  • Thomas Pogge, Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale University, USA
  • Loren A. Smith, President, Skyline Policy Risk Group, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Transportation, USA
  • Jacob Sotiriadis, Director, Center for Futures Intelligence, National Intelligence University, USA
  • Mikhail Treyvish, President, OmniGrade Universal Crowdsourcing Agency, Russia
  • Chaired by Jerry Hultin, Chair, New York Academy of Sciences, USA

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orde’s conversations with Sir Richard Sorabji


Autobiographies and Guide

Professor Sir Richard Sorabji is an internationally renowned philosopher who, in this seven-part conversation-documentary series, engages informally in conversation with people from all walks and ages of life. Exploring everyday life, philosophy, thought, from their individual perspectives and the digested experience of Richard Sorabji we are presented with a unique insight into the man behind such an important body of academic work as well as the thoughts and feelings from his youngest conversationalists at 12 to the oldest in her 70’s. The format is unique in that it is free flowing, no editing, and no preparation, and sitting around a dining room table conversing.