Forcible Love


A riveting and exciting musical/play about the life of the John Muafangejo – one of Africa’s great graphic artists whose short life mirrored the intensity, and the insanity of Van Gogh. The play adapted as a dance musical was an instant hit breaking all local barriers and being about conflict, pressure, cultural identity, forcible love and of what it is to be an artist..

Written and adapted as a musical by Orde it is based on the true life Story of John Muafangejo it was performed first at the National Theatre Namibia for its independence Celebrations where it was well received:

‘It took a Norwegian Journalist by the name of Inge Trondsen, who was on a months visit to Namibia to study Amateur theatre and culture here to open my eyes (and many others) and smell the roses. I have been in the Country for the last ten years and have never bothered about finding out about other cultures, much to my shame….Well! The play ‘Forcible Love, a musical drama based on the life of the Namibian artist John Mufangejo was a “forcible” introduction to one such cultures. For the hour and half the play was on, I was living and experiencing a bit of the artist’s happiness, pain and suffering. A bit of love and bonding. I had this desire to get on stage and join in with the dancing, to protect the child, and then the man, to clap my ands with happiness and then weep with sadness and loneliness. Where were we? So power was the play!’

Cherly, Namibia.

‘Hoewel Forcilbe Love oor die leww van Muafangejo handel, is ‘n veel dieper en universele tema onderliggend: die van die wese van ‘n kunstenaar.’

Die Republikein

‘Whatever you think of its controversial subject matter, The NTN’s ‘Forcible Love’ put the company squarely on the drama map and justifies its claim to the title National Theatre.’

The Namibian

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Forcible Love (NTN version), Song 2014. 84 pages.

Is a moving and riveting musical/play based on the true short life story of John Ndevasia Muafangejo – one of Africa’s great graphic artist whose short life mirrored the intensity and ‘insanity’ of Van Gogh. It premiered at the National Theatre, Windhoek, Namibia for the Independence Celebrations in 1991. Includes reviews.