Snowflakes and Ashes

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This is a poem about love. An imaginative and reflective work where the similarities between apparent opposites are explored. The symbolism utilised in this poem is the snowflake and the ash. Each page gently flows along in a continuous revolving development regarding love. The reflections of a heart meanders across these two vast fields.

This symbolism is expressed in an atonal way by the unexpected use of placing letters and words independently of each other; in many angles; shapes; sizes and formats. Rich multiple suggestions can occur within the writing, a sort of polyphony, and an echoing. It is difficult to explain the visual format in words as the imperfection of the structural appearance provokes thought and imagination and feeling.

This use of words, their placing and typeface is a striking and artistic aspect of the poem and careful thought has gone into it without making it turgid or rationalistic. It is immediate poetry like that of D. H Lawrence who once wrote of his own work that ‘It just takes place.’

The question can be asked is being in love an atonal development?

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